You can be organized in just 6 weeks and in only 15mins a day, EVEN if you have tried before and failed.  

Get Yourself, Your Home, Your Life Organized in just 6 Weeks!

Introducing  The Pretty Shelf Project

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Learn Step by Step how to get organized and stay that way!

Organized Clock Method for getting any space organized

Leave the feeling of overwhelm behind!  Learn How and Where to start in the organizing process.

Access to the Organizing Toolbox to keep you organized for good.

Hi!  My name is Summer Puleo

Like many of you, I am a Wife, a Mom, a friend, a homemaker.  I also happen to be a Professional Organizer and Home Management Coach too.  I have always been a naturally organized person.  I have always enjoyed having everything in its place and it being in that place when I needed it.  Having 4 boys and my husband deployed numerous times after the babies being born, brought me to realize how much I needed real organizing solutions to account for meal planning, routines and schedules for my children and for everyday household management.  I put my heart into finding the best solutions to my stage of life and what our purpose as a family was.  I then found that many of my friends were asking for advice and help on how to do that in their own homes.   I have been so blessed to be able to work with other people by helping them get organized.  Most women feel like a failure because they don't understand why they just can't suck it up and deal with that disorganized space(s) in their homes or lives.  Most don't know where to start or how to muster the motivation needed to get organized.  It isn't your fault!  There are numerous factors keeping you from living organized.  I will teach you some of those baddies and how to overcome them.  An organized home and life can seem like an uphill climb that is where The Pretty Shelf Project comes in.  The Pretty Shelf Project will take you from overwhelmed, stressed, embarrassed, to confident, productive, and organized.   
The Pretty Shelf Project is laid out in 6 Modules.  We will cover The Organizing Basics, The Organizing Toolbox, How to Organize Yourself, How to Organize Your Home, How to Organize your Life.  The Pretty Shelf Project will help target your pain points, show you that organizing is a skill you can master, increase productivity, and will teach you The Organized Clock Method for getting any room organized. 

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Everything You Need

Access to all 6 Modules and 6 Weeks of LIVE Coaching to ask your questions and dive deeper into the training.  Includes recordings of the LIVE trainings to access whenever you need it.  

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As a member of The Pretty Shelf Project you get  access to our Private Facebook group for personalized support, encouragement, and accountability.   

Know How and Where to Start in the Organizing Process.

As a Professional Organizer the #1 issue for my clients is that they don't know where to start?  With my Organized Clock Method for getting organized, you will never have to ask where to start again!

But Wait, That's Not All...

PLUS: You Also Get 

Access to our Printable Library

How to Organize for your Life and Family

Fantastic Onboarding Experience

6 Weeks of LIVE Coaching

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Suck it up and do it yourself.  If you can find the time and energy, this method is cost effective and will get the job done.  However, without good "systems", things will easily return to "disaster" status.  

Option #2

Join The Pretty Shelf Project and learn to create organizational systems that will work with you and your family's lifestyle.   The Pretty Shelf Project will provide the framework to take the correct steps in the right order.  
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